Train To The Clouds & Other Adventures

Train to the Clouds

The Train to the Clouds, known locally as the “Tren a las Nubes”, is a unique ride through the high-altitude desert with some spectacular views along the way. You will see plenty of interesting places en-route to the train ride itself and get a great overview of the San Antonio de los Cobres area near Salta. You will see plenty of information online that tells of the train leaving from Salta itself, as the BBC video about the original route of the Train to the Clouds shows, but from 2016 this has changed and clients ride the train on a shorter, but still impressive route. Ask us for details please.

Enjoy a journey on the famous Train to the Clouds running across the Polvorilla Viaduct
Enjoy a journey on the famous Train to the Clouds running across the Polvorilla Viaduct

The journey is an interesting one, not just the 22km section of track that is used at the most iconic part of the route over the Polvorilla Viaduct, but also the other parts of the route to and from Salta that is now done in vehicles. The other visits made en-route add value to the day out and a breakfast is included along the way also. Stops are made in Quijano, Alfarcito, San Antonio de los Cobres and Santa Rosa de Tastil for a look at the pre-Inca ruins.

The train runs on certain days so we will adjust your schedule to suit the departures.

Depending on the dates of your trip we may have to change the order of your tours. As we have mentioned above this train service only runs on certain dates and days, so booking well in advance is essential.

The track was laid between 1921 and 1948 to connect Salta with Antofagasta in Chile. Designed to transport raw materials and minerals across the Andes and Atacama desert, the tourist service was introduced in 1972 and has been evolving ever since.

This is the 5th highest railway in the world and the spectacular viaduct (shown in the photo below) is the highlight of the journey. Around 2 hours of the day are spent on the train, the rest of the time you are driven between various places in vehicles, and there is plenty to see of course. There is a shared service for the journey by road but we recommend taking our private service, so you have much more flexibility in visit time and location, and we can always add things in to suit your particular interests if on a private tour.

Mountain Bike Tours

After the train to the clouds maybe you need some exercise? Mountain bike tours are the perfect way to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery and also link up cultural or historical visits. You will be riding with expert guides, nice people, be using some top equipment, enjoy plenty of fresh air and always have a great day out. A bike tour in the lovely landscapes around Salta, Cafayate and the picturesque towns in between is an active way to get close to nature, plus local people and get some exercise.

Work off some of the steak and wine you have been taking in while on tour in Cafayate.
Work off some of the steak and wine you have been taking in while on tour in Cafayate.

Explore the high mountain passes, gorges and ravines on your bike. If you visit in the rainy season, when afternoon rain storms refresh the mountains, the area becomes very green with new streams and vegetation springing up. Depending on your time and level of fitness you can choose from 3 set circuits or we can custom one to suit you:

1. Short Mountain Bike Tour:
This is a ride which is suitable for everyone, can be fitted into your tour schedule easily and does not require much fitness or bike handling experience. There are various options on the route we take depending on the interests of the group. This mountain bike tour lasts approximately 4 hours and the circuit begins near the small town of San Lorenzo, found around 25 minutes from Salta City. Explore the foothills of the Andes, its ravines and a multitude of trails that criss-cross the streams and rivers of the area.

2. Full Day Circuit:
This is an extended version of the half-day tour for those of you with more time and energy. You will be away from Salta for around 7 hours on this mountain bike tour. This circuit starts at the town of Campo Quijano, the gateway to the Andes. You will pedal through the spectacular Quebrada del Toro (Bull Ravine), taking in the beautiful scenery and strange rock formations, and pass over a bridge that forms part of the route of the Tren a las Nubes. A box lunch will be provided for your day out to keep you going.

3. Full Day Cuesta del Obispo downhill ride
This tour is for those who have some mountain biking experience and is a little more challenging for those seeking an adrenaline rush. On this full day mountain bike tour you will descend around 3300 meters on your two wheels, covering a distance of over 25 KM, from the start at Piedra del Molino, the highest point on the way to the town of Cachi. You will gradually wind your way down the Cuesta del Obispo, a zigzagging mountain road until you reach the very bottom. You will spend around 4 hours in the saddle and the day out includes lunch.

White Water Rafting

After eating so much red meat and drinking all that excellent Argentine wine you will need to burn off some calories, so why not add a rafting trip to your other active days. There are several places where rafting can be done within easy reach of Salta, hence it will be a day trip to and from your Salta or Cafayate hotel. We will pick you up and drive you out to the staging points for the white water experience, you will be given full instruction so no previous experience is necessary. All of our rafting guides are experts at what they do, very experienced with all ages and ability. The equipment is first-rate also; rafts, life vests and helmets ensuring a safe and fun day out is had by all.